We help train your team for installation,software and maintenance

We help train your team for installation,software and maintenance

On 21st,March 2016,a group of 3 customers from Indonesia paid a visit to Eachinled for inspection of their indoor P3.91 LED Screen of their local church project.At the meantime,they also had the opportunity to see in person how to produce an LED screen from LED printing and soldering ,modules installation and test,panel assembling and completed LED screen panels aging.

Our customers showed high interests in the visit and came out a lot questions.Thanks to our professional and experienced Sales Mr.Eric Wu,the customers speak highly of our production processing and quality control.From the processing,customers know exactly the theory of the LED screen installation,working and maintenance.

Indonesia is a big market for LED screens,but due to huge different levels of prices and quality.Our customers seems a little worried before he came to inspect his own P3.91 LED screen 6mx3m.He wants to be sure about our quality so that he has confidence to marketing our LED screens in local market.It turns out he is very satisfied with everything.

Our engineer shows the steps of software operation,his technical staff master very soon and configure the LED wall by their own.Three of them standing at front of their LED wall with smile and satisfaction.

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