We always contribute our efforts to help you!

We always contribute our efforts to help you!

More and more clients choose Eachinled’s Outdoor and Indoor LED display Screens and LED Video Walls now, in order to know more about our client’s deeper business needs and improve business relationships, Eachinled’s team flied to America to solve after sales issues and commit local marketing research from 16th to 25th,July.

Our first staying city is Chicago from 15th to 18th,first meeting client is Mr. John Gibbs who is running an advertising company with LED Mobile Billboard. He bought P8 SMD3535 Aluminum waterproof LED Panels to build a 3 sided LED mobile billboards on his truck, the special design is to build one LED Screen on the truck back door, when opening the back door, combines the back door with the passenger side billboard to build a bigger one.

Our engineer helped John fixed the tiny problems which bother him for a long time due to lack of maintenance experience. We believe that with our help at site, client will learn more knowledge on his LED Screens and do some minor maintenance during the future so that he can fix it when the situation is urgent. John is planning to build more tucks billboard with our LED Screens.

Finally we have this face to face meeting and it is the best way to convince all our clients that we keep our promises—We always contribute our efforts to help you!

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