Team Building, Motivational, Adventurous Activity Excursion To Huizhou

Team Building, Motivational, Adventurous Activity Excursion To Huizhou

Pleasant autumn, Eachinled organized a motivational activity excursion to Huizhou to inspire employees and challenge their limits for the propose of completing company annual plans and sales targets.

In order to have fluently internal communication this activity is involved with sales department, marketing department, R & D department, purchasing department, suppliers, and some of works from production department, Eachinled takes its responsibilities to provide less working pressure, harmonious working environment and humanized management to their employees to build their sense of belongings and team spirit.

In this excursion, employees have to hike 20Km, within the 20Km employees have to have rock climbing, walk to the jungle, traverse to the creek and go through the shrub, rock climbing is very dangerous, employees have to cooperate with each other, shoulder by shoulder and no one leaves their team member behind, they have to reach the destination collectively not individually.

Even a lot of difficulties in the excursion, everyone is determined to complete this journey, everyone is willing to challenge their limits, on the road, some of employees fell out from fatigue, but their team members carry them to finish the journey, everyone works together as a team.

Eventually everybody completes the journey, everybody is glad to take part in the excursion, “everyone can challenge their limits, everyone can complete their targets, I hope that we can accomplish our annual plan within next two months.” Says Mr. Zhang, one of our sale directors.

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