Russian customer attracted by outdoor rental LED display P5.95

Russian customer attracted by outdoor rental LED display P5.95

Eachinled welcomed Russia customer visiting last week, the customer visited our website, and he liked our product very much, so he leaved his message. We contact him and sent full quotation, he think the price is reasonable, so decide to come to visit.

We picked him up at his hotel in the morning, I identify him as I meet him even I never saw his photos before. He was surprised I can know him a t first glance, happy first impression.

When arrived factory, he loved our outdoor rental panel very much. He never bought LED display before, but asked some technical details, such as material for module bottom case, hanging installation details, white balance display effect , flight case package and so on. That means he has done some work before visiting, that is good for our discuss about his project. Beside visiting the testing room to view display effect, we also went to the assembly and machine room, he was interested in every procedure to production the LED display.

We changed the size from 8mx6m to 6mx5m finally, and he taken a video about our factory viewing, then we sent him to his friend house and back to Russia. He said will make the decision within 1 week after he back, we sincerely hope to set up business relationship with him.


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