P6 Indoor Full Color High Brightness LED Video Wall

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Product Features:

1.Slim and Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows.
2. Nice appearance and simple structures.
3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person.
4. Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to maintain.
5. High debugging brightness and no damage to gray scale, achieving the debugging technology for nice image.

Fields and places of application:

– Indoor advertising.
– Stadiums and other sport facilities.
– Malls, banks and automobile sales centers.
– Airports, rail and bus stations, other facilities of transport infrastructure.
– Entertainment centers, casinos, night clubs, restaurants.
– City information systems.
– Architecture.
– Show business and mass shows events.


Indoor SMD Fixed Installed Commercial LED Displays
Module Pitch/mm P3mm P4mm P5mm P6mm
Module size/mm 192×96 128×128 160×160 192×96
Density of pixel/(dots/m2) 111111 62500 40,000 27,777
Pixel composition SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1
Led encapsulation SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD3528 SMD3528
Resolution of module 64×32 32X32 32X32 32X16
Main Optimum viewing distance 3-10m 4-15m 6-16m 7.5-20m
View angle / ° 140H,120V 140H,120V 140H,120V 140H,120V
Max power consumption/W/M2 1200 1,000 1,000 900
Size of cabinet/mm 576×576 768X768 960X960 768X768
Resolution of cabinet 192×192 128X128 160X128 160×128
Driving method 1/16 scan constant current 1/16 scan constant current 1/8 scan constant current 1/8 scan constant current
Refresh rate Hz/S ≥600 ≥600 ≥600 ≥600
Luminance of white balance ≥1500nits ≥1500nits ≥1500nits ≥1500nits
Operation of Environmental Temperature/℃ below 30 to above 50
Working vlotage 110-220 VAC/+/- 10%
Grey scale/color displaying colors≥16.7M(synchronized)
Brightness adjustment 4096 levels of each color(manually),100 levels of each color(automatically)
Input signal RF,S-Video,RGB,RGBH,YUV,YC&Composition ,etc
Control system linsn(sending card,receiving cards and Hubs)
Average of non-failure life >50,00h
Life span >100,000h
Defect dot rate <0.0001


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