P5 Outdoor SMD2727 Fixed Installation LED Screen

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P5 outdoor LED Screen

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Product Feature:

1.We provide not only unit cabinet, but also the whole set of LED display system, which includes: controlling system, connect cable (with connector), software, accessories even fixing screws, installation structure drawings, installation manual, electronic circuit arrangement ,software operation manual and other services.

2.Cabinet design standardized makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to different requirements of display pixels, make installation for advertising screens more convenient. Reasonable circuit wiring makes the quality stability and reliability. The fans inside the unit cabinet can accelerate cooling.

3. Unique cabinet design, high fresh rate, can support HDMI SDI DP VGA, creating high resolution pictures and delicate colors, to a certain extent, it can be comparable to LCD.

4. Eachinled display could be used under different climate zone all over the world. It can bear temperature -30℃-60℃.  Our cabinet owns good moistureproof and corrosion resistance function, thus it could be used even in the high humidity and high salinity air environment.

5. Indoor LED display is brighter than 1500cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we always uphold the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

6. Intelligent environment controller can adjust screen brightness according to environment brightness.

7. LED video control system contains double backup system. Once the malfunction occurs, customers can immediately switch to standby system.

8. Eachinled display solution Provide remote control and management. A monitoring center can achieve control of multiple LED advertising display screen.

9. Eachinled also provides related spare parts. All parts are modular design, which facilitate after-sales maintenance.



Pixel pitch 5mm
Pixel density(dots/㎡) 40000
LED encapsulation SMD2727
Module Resolution 32*32
Module size 160*160
Cabinet size(mm) 960*960
Brightness >7500nits
Refrsh rate >2400Hz
Grey scale 16bit
Application Outdoor fixed installation


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