P2.5 Small Pixel HD Indoor LED Screen

Small Pixel Indoor P1.6 P1.9 P2.5 LED Screen 
Small Pixel Indoor P1.6 P1.9 P2.5 LED Screen

Small Pixel Indoor P1.6 P1.9 P2.5 LED Screen 



 Pixel Pitch




 Cabinet  Resolution(W*H)




 Pixel Configuration

 1R1G1B(in 3 n 1

 LED Encapsulation

 SMD Black 1514

 Pixel Density




 Driving Method




 Refresh Frequency

 ≥2880HzSupport High refresh rate, depend on the system configuration

 Driver IC

 SUM2032/MBI 5153

 Grey Scale

 ≥16Bit(depending on the system and IC configuration)

 Cabinet Size


 White balance Brightness




SIX High
Drive Technology

Work under 0.5mA constant current, brightness 70-300mcd.
High Refresh Rate
2400Hz for 1/32 duty screen, 4800Hz for 1/16 duty screen, 9600Hz for 1/8 duty, 19200Hz for 1/4 duty.
High-Gray Scale
Real 20bit.
High Reliance
Anti-static 6Kv.
High-Energy Saving
Save 66% energy.
High Frame Frequency
120hz frame frequency working mode

16:9 Design and Good Uniformity

16:9 design. Cabinet’s 16:9 resolution is specialized for command center. Perfect replacement for LCD display.
Die cast aluminum cabinet, guarantee you a flat and seamless screen.
Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provide you pure image with great gradation.

Excellent Display Effect
HD1.6 has exceptional display quality even when brightness is reduced to 20%.
The so-called seamless, thinnest, super-thin and barely seamless marketing can never change the fact that there are still gaps between cabinets, while Chipshow’s fast-connector makes the real seamless splicing possible.



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