P1.6 Indoor HD LED Video Wall For High-end Event

P1.6 Indoor HD LED Video Wall For High-end Event







P1.6 Indoor HD LED Event Display

P1.6 Indoor AV Production HD LED Video Wall 

 Items Parameter
 Pixel Pitch  PH1.6mm
 Cabinet  Resolution(W*H)  250*187
 Pixel Configuration  1R1G1B(in 3 n 1)
 LED Encapsulation  SMD Black 1514
 Pixel Density  360,000Pixel/㎡
 Driving Method  1/30Scan
 Refresh Frequency  ≥2880Hz(Support High refresh rate, depend on the system configuration)
 Driver IC  SUM2032/MBI 5153
 Grey Scale  ≥16Bit(depending on the system and IC configuration)
 Cabinet Size  400mm*300mm
 White balance Brightness  800cd/㎡





SIX High

Drive Technology

High-PrecisionWork under 0.5mA constant current, brightness 70-300mcd. 

High Refresh Rate

2880Hz for 1/30 duty screen, 4800Hz for 1/16 duty screen, 9600Hz for 1/8 duty, 19200Hz for 1/4 duty.


High-Gray Scale

Real 20bit.


High Reliance

Anti-static 6Kv.


High-Energy Saving

Save 66% energy.


High Frame Frequency

120hz frame frequency working mode






4:3 Design and Good Uniformity


4:3 design. Cabinet’s 4:3 resolution is specialized for command center. Perfect replacement for LCD display.

Die cast aluminum cabinet, guarantee you a flat and seamless screen.

Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provide you pure image with great gradation.




Excellent Display Effect 


HD1.6 has exceptional display quality even when brightness is reduced to 20%.

The so-called seamless, thinnest, super-thin and barely seamless marketing can never change the fact that there are still gaps between cabinets, while Chipshow’s fast-connector makes the real seamless splicing possible.


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