Fruitful August of Eachinled

Fruitful August of Eachinled

August is the beginning of autumn, it means harvest, fruitfulness and maturity, Eachinled has received its fruitful month in a year.

In August Eachinled has reached 1500 square meter selling record of P3.91 Indoor LED screen, 200 square meter of P10 LED screen, 128 square meter of P8 outdoor rental LED screen and 108 square meter of P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen.

According to the selling record, Eachinled will focus on manufacturing P3.91 indoor rental LED screen as a priority mission and to be prepared to occupy P3.91 indoor rental market, Eachinled marketing team is planning market segment strategy and demographics strategy to meet different market requirements, market segment mainly for P3.91 indoor rental LED screen and P5.95 outdoor rental LED screen, due to these are the latest technology in the industry.

In September, marketing team estimate that the selling record will be booming and beyond August, we expect that to happen and be ready to fight the battle under world economy depression.

Seeing is believing, let’s have a look at our productivity and products.

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