Experienced lighting and audio company enters into LED Screen Rental Market

Experienced lighting and audio company enters into LED Screen Rental Market

Our Israel customer came to visit our factory on 23rd,August.


The customer runs an experienced events rental company in Israel, he usually provides the lighting and audio equipment for events. As we know, the LED screen become a indispensable part for good events, so he needs to rent LED screen from others to make the events become better.


One day, he visited our website, and starts to think about buying LED screen for his company. He said “It is my first time to China, you are the first factory I visit, because I love your product showed on your website, so you be the first”. He is going to buy 6mx4m LED screen, and install in their show room, so he can show to his customer, he wants to rent and sell LED display in Israel.


He was shocked by our Indoor P3.91 LED Display effect and interested in everything. He checked the power supply, receiving card, cables, cable connection, video processor, hanging bar, flight case and so on, also he tried to install the LED display by himself, he thought it is an easy work. When we came to the production line, he became excited, he was trying to distinguish which machine work for LED diodes , and which machine work for IC, he said “you are big company, because you have so much machines, it should be expensive, lol…”


On the way back to his hotel, he showed me some pictures about the LED screen cabinet, details and events he hold,.He is addicted about the LED display information and market, we admire him, we think his LED screen business must will be very good, we also hope we can develop together.

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