Cooperation with 8 years experience professional LED display reseller in Canada

Cooperation with 8 years experience professional LED display reseller in Canada

As a professional LED display supplier, Eachinled already possess ability to cooperate with professional LED display reseller.

My customer Paul from Canada, who has engaged in LED display market for 8 years, I am new here comparing with him. But when we talk about the project details, I am professional, I can answer him almost all at first time, he is appreciated with me. Also, I try my best to answer his email as soon as possible, even at weekend, and keep long time touch with him. Finally, he is very satisfied with me and our company, decides to set up long term cooperation with us.

My production knowledge reserves is benefit from our company training. We have different training every week, the production manager train us the products details, different engineer train us the installation and control system, and sales manager train us the sales skills. We have spend long time for training, and the result is all of our sales know all parts about LED video wall, include production process, installation , control system use and others. When the customer is new in LED screen market, we usually can give them suitable suggestion. When the customer is experienced of LED display market, we will give them novelty suggestion combined with different country experience.

Paul taken his first order of outdoor aluminum LED screen P8.925, this panel is hollow design for radiating, panel size 500x1000mm weighs 12kg. His customer bought it for outdoor event rentals, they are very satisfied with this panel, and keep going to order more same panel in the future. Hope we will grow together in our cooperation.


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